I am a Professor of Media Technology in the Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. I currently serve as Deputy Head of the Department and head the Copenhagen division. My research focuses on novel interaction techniques in augmented reality, where I am interested in increasing the experience by considering more than just the visual sense. My research includes both the development of sophisticated sensing and tracking technologies as well as the design and evaluation of such interaction techniques. Previously, I was an Associate Professor in the HCC Section at the University of Copenhagen. Before coming to Copenhagen, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary working with Dr. Saul Greenberg and Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Munich, Germany. During my studies at the University of Munich, I was a visiting researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA in 2005 (working with Gregory Abowd, Gillian Hayes, and Julie Kientz), in the Media Team at the University of Oulu, Finland in 2007 (working with Jukka Riekki and Timo Ojala), and in the Human Computer Interaction Lab, Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Berlin in 2009 (working with Patrick Baudisch and Sean Gustafson).